Online Marketing (e-Marketing) --- Your Biggest Potential Market!

If your product or service marketing channels do not include the Internet, you are actually losing sales opportunities every day. More than 500 million worldwide Internet users, including more than 80 millions in China, are making thousands of orders all the time. For enterprises, the question now is not "if it is necessary to set up Internet-based marketing", but is "how to establish more effective Online Marketing? "

Website is ready? Reconsider! "Our company has a website or the website has just been revised", and "we often send millions of advertising messages," ... but the problem is whether they are effective, and how to measure the returns of your investment? Perhaps you may have realized that an isolated website or softwares from different vendors cannot give you the value. Your efforts and investment are always in vain. Why?

Similar to the traditional marketing, online marketing also includes positioning, promotion, attraction, interaction, capture, and analysis, which are a complete circulatory system. Every part of it is manageable, measurable, adjustable, and efficient. You need a professional vendor that can completely take into account every aspect of the process. By this way, your investment will be effective.

Milestone's e-Marketing Solutions will help you manage the complete process of the online marketing cycle---from online advertising to developing enterprise website, from interacting to capturing customer data, from the behavior tracking to customer relationship management. The quality and efficiency of each step will be ensured by our professional software systems and professional services.
Whole Marketing and Brand Strategy
To achieve the business object, enterprises conduct with the Internet as the basic means to create online business environment, activities, marketing tools and establish a network plan for the enterprise brand image.
Online Customer Loyalty Solution
By optimizing the website user experience, the user trust of your products and services will be improved greatly. You can also create a user registration system to draw near you and the customers to improve your products and services.
Email Marketing
By sending emails, enterprises can accomplish simple email advertising activities. The main problem is how to change email marketing from a simple way of sending huge volumes of spam to an efficient and scientific activity, which can help companies add customers, maintain good and lasting customer relationships, and quickly promote new products. This low-cost marketing activity will achieve remarkable results and long-term market value.
Online Survey
Through industry surveys and objective information collection, enterprises can adjust the marketing strategy and product strategy to meet different needs, promote product sales, and attract more long-term users. Web questioning system is very convenient for enterprises to operate and design various questioning style.
Online Promotion
According to your budget and marketing target, we will design comprehensive online promotional programs, including online advertising, search engine registration, e-mail and short message. Media and promotion methods will be based on your target. Detailed statistics and analysis will ensure the effective implementation of the promotion.
Outsourcing of Website Hosting and Maintenace
With years of experience in building Internet websites and good joint with professional service providers, we can ensure the security, stability and reliable operation of your whole information system.

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