Multimedia Applications

Milestone Touch System
Integrating the internal and external information resources, Milestone help enterprise collect, process, produce, disseminate and use the knowledge required in business, which will normalize and optimize the behavior of the enterprise's overall staff, and improve the enterprise cohesion and competitiveness.
Corporate Image / Brand Multimedia Presentation Systems
The system provide the correspoding solutions in the fields of customer management, marketing, sales and services, which could make it possible for the enterprises to realize integrated marketing by using IT and Internet technologies, to improve the operational efficiency, sales revenue and the customer satisfactions.
Flash Animation Propaganda
Centralized, unified management of enterprise documents throughout the life cycle, such as production, circulation, approval, publishing, sharing, archiving, retrieval, reuse . Help companies become more efficient, agile, more productive and competitive advantage.
Ineractive Multimedia Title multimedia interactive presentations
Provide employees, customers, partners, close coordination between the work platform, the daily work of the enterprises involved in business processes, projects and tasks, scheduling, documents, records, etc. to provide fully integrated management tool.