• Oct. 2010, Milestone develops the new website for Guohua Insurance , which corresponds to the E-Marketing conception of Milestone.
  • Milestone Technology in August 2010 launched the "e-Kanban 2.0", and successfully applied to Webasto, the system can be combined with ERP data, and a smart self-repair procedures, is E-Marketing success stories.
  • July 2010 Milestone emphasis on corporate social responsibility,Root and wing student service center and giving children the growth of the environment of equality.
  • June 2010 build the partnership management platform (PRM) for Shanghai BELL with much new design concept and various functions.
  • May 2010 joining hands with the East Jinjiang, launch the brand site--forces of water, which is dynamic and leading the young family trends.
  • April 2010 hold an online insurance promotion for the Allianz Insurance, which is a great promotion of e-commerce marketing!
  • February 2010 launch the Allianz online insurance website, which gives Chinese Internet users a fast, efficient and convenient online insurance platform!
  • January 2010 launch the co-operation site of Haikang Insurance image attorney – LangLang, which introduces its new brand concept strongly!