Enterprise Applications

Develop Your Individual Business Information System

Based on the individual needs of E-business, Milestone provides the solutions that are not simply copied, but on the characteristics of our customers. A successful E-business project could increase the marketing channels, save intermediate links, improve operational efficiency, and improve customer services.

Enterprise Information Portal
Powerful, easy to use website content management system can significantly optimize the releasing processes of product and service information. Combined with professional website design and development, the system will help you release the accurate product and service information to customers timely and efficiently.
Vendor Portal
The Milestone solutions of vendor portals integrate all the informations of vendors, which manages and exchanges the informations according to the requirements of different levels and sub-classification. Meanwhile, the ERP applications are extended, which can realize the joint interaction of the inside and outside of the enterprise, and greatly increase the work efficiency.
Partner Relationship Management Platform
Based on years of deep understanding of E-business, Milestone has successfully provided partner relationship management system for many famous enterprises, such as Siemens, Alcatel etc., which provides powerful online marketing tools for them and has received wide acclaim from the industry.
Knowledge Management
Integrating the internal and external information resources, collecting, processing, producing and disseminating the the knowledges required in business, the knowledge management system allow companies to standardize and optimize the behavior of staff and enhance the enterprise cohesion and core competitiveness.
Customer Relationship Management
Providing solutions in all aspects of customer management, marketing, sales and services, the system help enterprises use IT and Internet technologies to enhance the business efficiency, increase the business sales revenues, and improve the customer satisfactions.
Data Protection
Based on open technology platform, Milestone developed a series of data protection softwares with high-performance backup and recovery functions, which support cross-platform, multi-application, and fully compatible with various types of database systems. Meanwhile, they have good GUI that can greatly simplify the daily management.
Enterprise Document Management
By centralized, unified management of the enterprise documents throughout the lifecycle, such as production, circulation, approval, publishing, sharing, archiving, retrieval and re-use, the system can help companies become more efficient, agile, productive and competitive.
Collaboration management
The system can provide the coordination platform for employees, customers and partners, and provide the integrated management tools for the daily work of the enterprises including business processes, projects, tasks, scheduling, documents and records, etc.
Content Management System(CMS)
CMS can to help enterprises to release varieties of information resources timely and accurately to the external website or intranet.
Intranet & Information Sharing
The system can provide employees, customers and partners unified and rapid information exchange platform to share, discuss, online survey, poll and exchange.
Web Based Project Management
The system help manage the tasks, personnel, costs and resources associated with the project.
Online Shopping Management
Milestone builds your own online sales platform that can be easily manage, maintain and update.